Mercans’ Global Payroll Platform – HR Blizz

June 9, 2022 2 min read

Global payroll just became easier

Mercans’ revolutionary HR Blizz global payroll platform automates end-to-end payroll processes in 160 countries across the globe. HR Blizz is the #1 native payroll platform in the world. Whether you are looking to automate your managed payroll or deploy a global payroll SaaS, HR Blizz is the right solution for you.

New era in multi-country payroll

Purpose-built to meet the ever-growing demands of global payroll, Mercans’ HR Blizz is packed with cutting-edge features:

  • Touchless Payroll – Combining the power of robotics and Machine Learning, our automated integrations enable on-demand payroll processing without human intervention.
  • Real-time Integrations – Seamless and pre-configured in- and outbound interfaces slash processing efforts and resources while guaranteeing payroll accuracy and timeliness.
  • On-demand Reporting – Build your own reports quickly and easily with real-time access to your global payroll data anywhere in the world.
  • Payroll Admin Console – Intuitive administrator console provides full visibility and control over all global payroll activities, reports, and audit logs.
  • Preconfigured Compliance – HR Blizz comes to you with built-in end-to-end labor law and tax compliance.

Learn how Mercans can change your payroll experience through its proprietary payroll solution which is available in 160 countries worldwide.

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