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Track time spent on different projects, review where employees spend their time and import time data into payroll.

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What can the employee do through the Timesheet module?

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Track hours using a timer The employee can start the Time Counter in real time and stop it at any time.

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Log time in a timesheet The employee can insert time spent on projects, obtain an overview of how time is spent and add notes or comments to entries.

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Manage time in a monthly calendar Employees can record and track how their time is spent on projects. Overtime is calculated automatically based on your company rules. Employees submit timesheets to their supervisor for review

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Reports On the reports page, employees can view and download reports as well as add new reports.


For management


Track employee time spent across different projects

  • track employee attendance and time spent on tasks
  • export employee timesheets in various formats (PDF or CSV)
  • provide ad-hoc timesheets to employees as needed
  • manage both leave and holiday periods
  • review both project progress as well as team activity
  • create and manage employee shift schedules
  • generate time reports (filtered by custom date, employee or project)


View and manage employee time

  • view all timesheets
  • generate reports for management
  • easily identify who is working on a given project and what their day looks like.

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