Meet our payroll SaaS HR Blizz™

June 6, 2022 2 min read

Take away the burden of managing payroll

Introducing HR Blizz™

HR Blizz™ is our self-service cloud-based proprietary SaaS suite to automate global payroll processes and centralize international employees’ data management.

All global payroll data and employee information are unified into a single secure interface where data and workflows can be accessed from everywhere and from any device in real-time.

HR Blizz™ users can consolidate, manage, and process global payroll for their teams abroad in just a few clicks and deliver error-free salaries on-time, whatever the language or currency of your operations.

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The all-in-one SaaS platform that gives HR pros a way to easily manage daily tasks in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management.

What it does?

HR Blizz™ allow organizations, to easily configure a payroll system that meets unique organizational needs and pay their workforce in any location. Natively available, HR Blizz can be configured to automatically calculate payroll according to international or local pay rules, using the most up-to-date information about an employee.

Our advanced gross-to-net software reduces the need for third-party involvement in payroll processing, delivering a leaner, more comprehensive approach to managing payroll from beginning to end.

With HR Blizz™

Avoid data re-entry
Reduce error
Generate post processing reports

Navigate complex pay rules and policies to efficiently pay any employee, anywhere, in any currency.

Why Choose HR Blizz™ as your Payroll Software Solution

Payroll SaaS offering that saves you time and peace of mind.

Rest easy

Purchase a subscription that caters to your team size with distinct user permissions.
You own the payroll process and can manage and scale it as required.

Timeliness guaranteed

Easily configured, you can reduce downtime and disruptions in your payroll management. Automate simple, repetitive tasks knowing that regular software updates ensure all features continue to deliver as expected.


A subscription service with no hidden fees and zero long-term contracts provides you with low cost access to a robust solution. With a remote hosting facility, you save on expensive hardware installations and maintenance.

Agile and responsive

Add extra services or features as required to meet the changes in your business requirements.

Sounds interesting? Adopt HR Blizz™

HR Blizz™ is Mercans’ self-service cloud-based proprietary SaaS suite. It automates your payroll processes, provides you with a single secure interface & can be accessed from anywhere in real-time.

Available across 160 countries
Covers statutory reporting
Offers multi -lingual ESS

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