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A single global payroll dashboard allows the payroll administrator to gain an overview of payroll statuses. The Payroll Admin Console (PAC) supports automated payroll processing while providing control and visibility throughout. 

Seamless payroll process managed by professional teams


What can the administrator do through the PAC?

Rely on seamless automated in and outbound interfaces

Trust the configurable and automated processing steps

Bring other transactions (such as leave, timesheets and expenses) into payroll

Capture an in-depth overview of employees’ earnings and deductions

Enable sophisticated approval workflows

Tailored to your needs

Everything can be customized to your unique post-processing activities, whether these involve generating bank files, managing a general ledger or supporting statutory filings.



  • Pre-configured local tax and labor law compliance
  • Unlimited entities, pay groups, wage types and data fields
  • Unlimited number of payroll runs per period
  • Off-cycle and individual payroll generation support
  • Simulation mode for gross-to-net and end-of-service calculations
  • Formula-driven wage types
  • Arrears and retroactive calculations
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Configurable dashboard and on-demand reporting
  • Multi-dimensional general ledger configuration

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