HR Blizz upgrades its SaaS offering across APAC

June 6, 2022 2 min read

Mercans, a leading global payroll technology leader, has rolled out the latest version of its Global Payroll Suite HR Blizz™ for the Asia Pacific region. The new version of HR Blizz™ global payroll SaaS suite builds on Mercans’ 20-years of experience in Asia Pacific region. Its revolutionary features have been designed to address the most complicated payroll outsourcing and SaaS HRMS requirements of the region, including:

  • Build-in tax and social security calculations
  • Fully automated integration with the existing HRIS and third-party systems
  • Wage type specific gross-to-net or net-to-gross calculations and simulations
  • Customized calculations formulas for employee benefits
  • In-kind benefits calculations
  • Private pension plans administration
  • Formula and eligibility driven calculations
  • Automated conversions of annual compensation amounts to monthly, daily and hourly rates
  • Wage type specific pro-rata calculation rules

Fully automated payroll suite increases accuracy

“The new version of HR Blizz™ enables Mercans to cater to all the needs of our existing and future clients in Asia Pacific, while reducing manual payroll processing efforts and improving the accuracy of the payroll calculations. We believe that the future of the global payroll industry is in the technology-driven automated payroll processing and in-depth knowledge of the country-specific regulations. Mercans will continue to invest into developing the functionality of its HR Blizz™ Global Payroll Suite and increasing the size of its high-caliber payroll outsourcing, compliance and tax advisory teams. The days of football pitch size payroll processing centers are over. Our technology will do the hard work and Mercans’ payroll specialists will focus on advising the clients on their complex compliance and regulatory matters” said Vishwanathan ‘Vish’, the CEO of Mercans.

Mercans increases its payroll footprints in asia pacific

In addition to launching the HR Blizz™ functionality upgrade, Mercans also announced that it will be increasing its presence in Asia Pacific by adding a sizable number of payroll, compliance and technical support staff to support the growth of its client base in the region. Mercans’ offices are currently located throughout the Asia Pacific region, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The CEO of Mercans, Vishwanathan ‘Vish’, added “Mercans’ HR Blizz™ Global Payroll Suite allows Mercans to reduce the payroll processing resources and redeploy the staff to the providing our clients in Southeast Asia the most up-to-date compliance and regulatory information.”

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